Recreational Vehicles (RV) Insurance

We understand that your recreational vehicle is important to you. Representing a number of insurance companies that offer specialized policies to protect motor homes, campers, fifth-wheel trailers and conventional bumper-tow travel and tent trailers, we’re here to meet your recreational vehicle insurance needs.

There are varying types of RVs and the cost and availability of insurance will depend on which type of RV you own and how you use it. For example, RV’s used as homes or for business purposes present unique risks which must be acknowledged in a policy.

Some subjects to discuss with your broker when considering which coverage is most suitable for you are:

  • Value of unit and contents
  • Deductible options
  • Increased Liability Limits
  • Replacement cost
  • Storage when not in use
  • Use – pleasure use only? Any business use? Used as a domicile?